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On the sand in Menorca

Beaches for basking in the sun, diving and swimming, strolling into the sunset or just spending time with the family. Menorca is definitely a great island for beaches.

The island of Menorca exerts a powerful influence over everyone who has the chance to enjoy it, dazzles all those who stumble across its beauty, and leaves first-time visitors in awe. Its unique charm is characterised by numerous qualities that set it apart, from the delicious Mediterranean cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients to the stunning scenery, enviable weather and friendliness of its people. And there’s also the endless choice of varied and beautiful beaches.   

The beaches in Menorca invite you to indulge in a unique experience and discover all of the island’s extraordinary charm. From secluded coves to long beaches with golden sand. With so many options, it’s easy to find exceptional beaches. The difficult thing is deciding which one to visit. That’s why we are suggesting a few of them which we personally prefer so that you have the chance to visit most of them throughout the summer.  

Cala Pregonda in the north of the island has a peculiar red hue to its sand and waters which transport visitors to a state of veneration and serenity. It is undoubtedly one of Menorca’s most iconic beaches, with the surrounding natural environment adding a range of attractive colours and the islets that shelter the cove adding an air of mystery.

For visitors who love the underwater world, Menorca offers fantastic opportunities for diving and snorkelling. Cala en Porter, nestled between steep cliffs and offering crystal-clear waters that are home to a vibrant underwater world full of marine life. Diving fans can explore underwater caves and admire the colourful reefs, immersing themselves in an aquatic world that brims with awe and wonder.

For travellers seeking more family-friendly spaces, Son Bou Beach is an ideal choice. As the longest beach on the island, it’s a paradise for the little ones. With its gentle slope, shallow waters and fine sand, it’s the perfect setting for kids to play and have fun in the sun. The beach also has a wide range of amenities, including restaurants and activities for all the family, guaranteeing days full of fun and unforgettable memories.

The diversity of the beaches and scenery in Menorca is also matched by the wealth of cultural and culinary experiences it offers visitors. Along the coast there is a great choice of attractive beach bars where you can enjoy famous and delicious Mediterranean dishes from fresh fish to tasty traditional tapas.

All in all, Menorca is simply the most incredible place to enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

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