Christmas in Palma Mallorca, a treasure trove of traditions and charm

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Deep-rooted traditions, typical flavours and twinkling lights. Christmas is coming to Mallorca!

After a warm autumn, Palma is getting ready for a Christmas that, although very rarely accompanied by snow, always exudes the unmistakable magic of the festive season. This Balearic island has a rich history, traditions and culture, and becomes the most vibrant setting over the Christmas period, brimming with colour and festivities.

From the end of November to the first week in January, the towns and villages in Mallorcan are adorned with bright lights and festive decorations. A wander through their streets becomes the most charming experience, with the squares and avenues decorated in a way that invites both the locals and visitors to enjoy the Christmas spirit in Mallorca.

Things to do in Mallorca at Christmas? The Christmas street markets are full of charm and traditions, and play a key role in defining the Christmas spirit. The markets are more than just points of sale; they are an essential part of the Christmas experience. They transform squares and streets into magical settings where an authentic local spirit permeates the atmosphere. The stalls are small, temporary treasures that offer visitors an endless variety of artisanal and culinary products, capturing the essence of a Mallorcan Christmas. Visitors and locals alike come to search for unique decorations, handmade toys and delicacies that evoke the genuine essence of the Christmas period.

Among the most notable markets, the one in the Plaza Mayor in Palma has become one of the most popular. The square is full of carefully selected gifts and traditional sweets designed to delight even the most discerning taste buds. The market encapsulates the authenticity of the Christmas experience in Mallorca. A wide range of products and a pleasant festive bustle combine to create a unique atmosphere that echoes the Christmas spirit on the island.

But Christmas in Mallorca is also a journey in time, a connection with history that exists through the Song of the Sybil. Declared a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010, this medieval drama with a Gregorian chant enchants the audience at the traditional Mallorcan matins. Every Christmas Eve, in locations such as Lluc Monastery or Palma Cathedral, this drama unfolds to create a tangible link with the roots of the past in a celebration of the present.

Christmas on the island is so much more than just a holiday. It’s an enchanting opportunity to experience deep-rooted traditions and celebrations that combine the old with the new. The magic of the Christmas period resonates in every corner of the island, making this jewel in the Mediterranean a place where Christmas is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

The wonderful weather in Palma de Mallorca in December also means that locals and visitors alike can enjoy a wide variety of options and activities.

We wish you a magical and merry Christmas!

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