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03 Jun 2024
Cala Ratjada, a Garden of Eden in the Mediterranean

Cala Ratjada, on the northeast coast of Mallorca, is an awesome coastal paradise. This idyllic corner of the island is a huge draw for travellers seeking a retreat from the hectic pace of everyday life.  With its beautiful seafront and stunning scenery, Cala Ratjada is also home to the Onmood Cala Ratjada Hotel, an oasis […]

15 Mar 2024
Menorca, the ideal destination for your holiday

Menorca, “la isla bonita”, the beautiful island, is an idyllic destination in the Mediterranean for travellers who want to get away from the routine and savour the serenity. Although it’s quite small, Menorca is an awesome island with a significant history that makes it far more than just a simple “sun and beach” destination. In […]

26 Feb 2024
Surrender to the charms of PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa

Enjoy a magical journey in Mallorca: discover everything PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa hotel can offer you

23 Jan 2024

Welcome to a culinary journey in which every flavour tells a story, every aroma recalls a memory, and every dish tempts you to discover more and more.   The city of Astorga is delighted to invite you to discover an inimitable culinary experience over an entire wonderful weekend. With a great location in the heart of […]

15 Jan 2024
PortBlue Hotel Group celebrates its new addition in Mallorca.

PortBlue Hotel Group celebrates its new addition in Mallorca. The Porto family’s hotel company has announced the latest addition to its portfolio—a new 4-star hotel located in the tourist town of Cala Ratjada in the northeast of the island. The operation was completed in December 2023, following the strategic plan outlined by the company. The […]

21 Dec 2023
Christmas in Palma Mallorca
Christmas in Palma Mallorca

After a warm autumn, Palma is getting ready for a Christmas that, although very rarely accompanied by snow, always exudes the unmistakable magic of the festive season. This Balearic island has a rich history, traditions and culture, and becomes the most vibrant setting over the Christmas period, brimming with colour and festivities.

14 Nov 2023
The charm and mystery of Mallorcan “siurells”
Siurells” are a vital part of Mallorca’s rich artisanal heritage

These traditional little clay figurines are a part of Mallorcan cultural heritage and a symbol of the island “Siurells” are a vital part of Mallorca’s rich artisanal heritage, although their precise origin remains largely shrouded in mystery. These delightful and versatile ceramic figurines have withstood the test of time and are still cherished both locally […]

01 Oct 2023
Now is the best time of year for lovers of delicious dining

October is a month that shines a spotlight on mushrooms, particularly as it marks the beginning of the edible mushroom season. This tradition has deep historical roots and is widely observed in Mallorca.

05 Sep 2023
On the sand in Menorca
Menorca is definitely a great island for beaches

The island of Menorca exerts a powerful influence over everyone who has the chance to enjoy it, dazzles all those who stumble across its beauty, and leaves first-time visitors in awe. Its unique charm is characterised by numerous qualities that set it apart, from the delicious Mediterranean cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients to the stunning scenery, enviable weather and friendliness of its people. And there’s also the endless choice of varied and beautiful beaches.

28 Jul 2023
Mallorca, an island full of contrasts and cultural festivals
Enjoy the essence of Mallorca this summer.

Mallorca, an island full of contrasts and cultural festivals Summer is the ideal time to see how Mallorcan culture, cuisine and traditions all come together The festivals in honour of the patron saints of the towns and villages of Mallorca are cultural celebrations that help keep local history and customs alive. They are also a […]

27 Jun 2023
Explore the enchanting city of Astorga on the Way of Saint James.
Explore the enchanting city of Astorga on the Way of Saint James, where heritage, culture and cuisine intertwine in a unique setting.

Astorga, a city embraced by the Camino Francés (French Way). If you haven’t yet had the chance to visit this remarkable city, we highly recommend adding it to your itinerary during your next visit to the Way of Saint James.

07 Jun 2023
Embracing sustainability: emphasising local products in our hotels

We are proud to present a diverse selection of regional products in our hotels, thus ensuring an authentic and sustainable culinary experience.

27 Apr 2023
What to see and do in Ciutadella, Menorca
The perfect place to reconnect with calm

Menorca, with its Mediterranean climate and incredible beaches with crystal clear water, is a paradise for those looking for a dream holiday.

02 Mar 2023
Mallorca, the perfect destination for your outdoor adventures
Ideal for cycling or hiking

Mallorca is an ideal place for cycling or hiking due to the fact that it has such great weather almost all year round, a wide range of magnificent natural attractions, roads in very good condition and excellent infrastructure.

30 Jan 2023
The Sierra de Tramuntana, a Unesco World Heritage Site
The Sierra de Tramuntana, a treasure on the island of Majorca

The Sierra de Tramuntana is for everyone and we leave you some ideas. Now we are ready to enjoy.

08 Aug 2022
A special garden between the sea and S’Albufereta
Tha magical location of PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa

We toured the gardens of Club Pollentia with Ferran Porto, the founder of PortBlue Hotel Group. Thanks to his love for nature he has managed to create a unique landscape in a dream environment.

31 Jul 2022
“We will battle to the end of our days to provide our children with the best possible quality of life” says the President of ARKA
Interview with Ángela Fernández, president of ARKA Tapones Solidarios

Sometimes life presents us with unexpected surprises that we have to face with love, willpower and a lot of courage. That is the case with the families that form part of ARKA Tapones Solidarios, a non-profit organisation in Mallorca created by the mothers of children suffering with cerebral palsy.

27 Jul 2022
The PortBlue commitment to sustainability is called BlueMovement
We bring together all our environmental conservation and customer and employee welfare activities in the BlueMovement

Our movement is based around four key areas: health and safety, quality (our customer, our priority), environmental sustainability and social commitment. Below we explain how we aim to achieve our objectives in each of these areas through our daily work.

19 Jun 2022
Acting today to ensure a more sustainable future
Our commitment to the environment

Since our origins we have been clear that adequate economic development must be compatible with social commitment and respect for the environment, so that present needs are satisfied without compromising future ones, thus contributing to sustainable development and passing on to society itself part of the benefits that it generates.

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