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Sierra de Tramuntana, a Unesco World Heritage Site

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Did you know that the Sierra de Tramuntana in Mallorca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

And it’s really no surprise. This post reveals some of the secret places you must visit before anything else in this exceptional part of Mallorca. The Sierra de Tramuntana mountains offer activities for all tastes and preferences, including culture, sports, nature, history, etc. There is something for everyone, and here we present just a few ideas. Now, let’s get ready to enjoy it.



Although you may not realise it, you’ve probably already seen the Sierra de Tramuntana many times. Mallorca is like New York, in that we all have the impression of knowing the city thanks to the movies. The same thing happens with the Sierra. The Sierra has been the backdrop for so many advertisements, films and series due to its immense natural beauty. Would you like to learn more? Take a look at our recommendations. On a farm which is open to the public, the Campanet area is home to a unique phenomenon where water begins to flow out of the ground after heavy rain. Incredible but true! We’re talking about the Fonts Ufanes. And talking about water, you should also not miss the coves in the Sierra de Tramuntana. A monument to beauty. Make a note of these names: La Calobra, Torrent de Pareis or Cala Tuent. And the most intrepid visitors can even get there by hiking!




Did you know that Mallorca receives visitors all year round thanks to the Sierra de Tramunta? That’s a fact! It’s not all just about the sun and beach. The Sierra de Tramuntana is actually a paradise for all kinds of sports enthusiasts: cycling, motor sports, climbing, diving, hiking and a very long etcetera. Whether it’s with friends who love adrenalin-pumping experiences or during a visit with the whole family, the Sierra de Tramuntana is the best place for sports. Here is a list of the three best routes you can do. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to take selfies of your holidays in Mallorca. 3 routes for discovering the Tramuntana | Serra de Tramuntana World Heritage



I bet you think we’re exaggerating when we praise the Sierra de Tramuntana. That’s why we will hand over to some of the most illustrious personalities who once fell in love with Mallorca. And they weren’t even Mallorcans! In Valldemossa, considered the most beautiful village in the Sierra de Tramuntana, you can visit the house where the great Frederic Chopin once lived. Later, in the idyllic little village of Deyá, you can see the house of the poet Robert Graves and the spectacular estate of Son Marroig, founded by Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria, who used to invite his cousin to come and visit. Perhaps her name will ring a bell: Empress Sissi. Illustrious guests for the island, don’t you think? Now it’s only you that’s missing.



Shopping is a pleasure in the Sierra de Tramuntana. Because you know you’re getting local products of the highest quality. A perfect plan for your final days on the island is to

visit the fairs and markets in the Sierra de Tramuntana villages. Then you can pack all your bags for the trip home with the best Mallorcan produce: ensaimadas, olive oil, olives marinated in every type of brine you can imagine, sobrassada or fine local wines. And if you buy the famous ramallet tomatoes, you don’t have to worry about getting them home. They are the only tomatoes in the world that stay fresh for more than a year.



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